Keto Symposium 2021 — Virtual Keto Summit Features Leading Keto Experts Maria Emmerich, Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Will Cole, and More

June 23, 2021


I’m so excited to formally announce Keto Symposium 2021 — a completely virtual keto summit featuring an all-star lineup of the top keto experts and vendors in the world. While it was originally slated to be the first ever keto summit in the NYC tri-state area, 2020 had different plans. We’ve had to pivot the event a bunch. And since Keto Symposium 2021 is now a virtual event, we’re offering free tickets to anyone who wants to join us. (Feel free to share this article with as many friends and family members as you’d like — a one-in-a-kind summit like this that doesn’t cost a penny doesn’t happen every day!) 

Keto Symposium 2021 takes place on Saturday, September 25th 2021 and will go on from 8:30 am until 5 pm ET. As we get closer to the event, we’ll release a full agenda. (If you’d like to stay in-the-loop on these special announcements, you can register for Keto Symposium 2021 here.) 

Before I highlight each of our expert speakers and top keto vendors for the event, I want to explain my reason for WHY I decided to host a keto event. 

Why Keto Symposium?

If you’ve never heard of me before, hi! My name is Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN, CHC and I’m The Keto Nutritionist

I’m a licensed dietitian, clinical nutritionist and integrative health coach with a functional approach to nutrition. I’ve helped a countless number of people get back on track with their nutrition, their health, and their relationship with food. I’m specifically apt to help people heal their bodies through living a low carb lifestyle because if there is anything that we can all agree on, it’s that we all need to consume less sugar.  

Nutrition has always been a part of my career, but I’ve only recently discovered keto in the past 5 years. And I’ve only been living a ketogenic lifestyle for a few years. 

Truth is, I had a difficult time transitioning to a keto lifestyle. And I know the same is true for many others. 

Let me explain: 

When I first learned about keto, I *knew* that I was one of those people who would see incredible results on it. I even started helping my clients achieve their ideal body by inducing ketosis.

But I had a mental block in my head that I couldn’t hurdle no matter what I tried. In fact, I failed to transition into a keto lifestyle for over 3 years. To make matters worse, I would see my clients go through amazing transformations with their bodies through keto, but I just couldn’t commit to it. 

I knew that this wonderful fat burning state would boost my metabolism, increase my daily energy levels, and improve my overall health. But I couldn’t get over this mental block I had in my head. 

All that changed when I attended an American College of Nutrition conference one year. 

Before attending the American College of Nutrition conference, I failed for over 3 years transitioning into a ketogenic lifestyle. But this one little event completely shifted my mindset, my habits, and my behaviors for good. 

Let me explain why: 

I had already known all there was about keto when I attended this event — or so I thought. But it turns out, the reason I didn’t fully commit to keto in the 3 years prior to attending this event is because I didn’t have an underlying “why” for doing keto. 

It wasn’t because I lacked the nutritional knowledge or didn’t know what to eat. It’s that I didn’t have a strong enough “why” to do keto. And this underlying “why” is the most important factor between my clients who have had amazing transformations or just mediocre results. 

Well, this conference gave me my underlying “why.” Particularly because of one speaker at the event, Dr. Thomas Seyfried. Dr. Thomas Seyfried is one of the leading experts on the metabolic causes of cancer. His theme was cancer and nutrigenomics. And since my mom suffered from cancer, his lecture really hit home.” 


Going to the American College of Nutrition conference helped me realize the value in a like-minded community. I met so many amazing people during the event — some that I still keep in touch with today. 

Community is often another overlooked, yet highly critical part to your success in transforming your lifestyle. Going through any kind of transformation is hard! We beat ourselves up too much and end up falling back into our old, bad habits. 

But having a supportive community around you encourages you power through your toughest days. And when you encourage others around you who are struggling, it makes you stronger too. 

Plus, a community makes keto a heck of a lot easier because different people bring different “skills” to the table — whether it’s delicious recipes, workout tips, yoga classes, motivation not to give in to your cravings, or something else! The more people who come together and bond over a common goal, the easier it is to achieve success. (And you tend to achieve success faster too!) 

That’s why I want you to invite all your friends and family members to Keto Symposium 2021 — whether they’ve never heard of ketot before, live completely vegan, or have tried keto in the past and failed. The best part about Keto Symposium 2021 being free is that we can invite and influence WAY more people — including your closest loved ones so you can start creating your community 🙂 

Just send them this link: 

Okay, back to the story: 

The American College of Nutrition conference was in 2017 and I’ve been living a low carb lifestyle ever since. 

After I transitioned to a ketogenic lifestyle, keto played a more active role in my coaching. Before, I would tell my clients about keto and some of them would do it. But I always felt a little uncomfortable since I didn’t fully commit to keto myself. Finally practicing keto (and seeing amazing results) made me more comfortable recommending it to my private clients. 

And a lot of my clients have had remarkable results. But one client stood out in particular: 

Marla Leamon — who is co-hosting Keto Symposium with me! 

She lost over 85 pounds in just one year. And she didn’t stop there. She realized how beneficial the ketogenic lifestyle is and went on to become a Certified Keto Coach herself. 

She’s been a huge inspiration to me, especially her commitment to help more people who struggled with their weight and energy for years like she did. 

One day, she called me and asked me how we could help more people learn about and benefit from the keto lifestyle. 

And, immediately I knew how: 

An event — just like what convinced me to finally switch to keto (after knowing about it but failing for 3 years). 

And Keto Symposium was born. 

We have pivoted a lot since it was originally planned as an in-person summit for 2020. But one of the blessings-in-disguise is now we can offer free tickets to the virtual event. Now anybody can attend, all they have to do is register for free here

Now that you understand the backstory of Keto Symposium 2021 and how important summits like these can be to finally help you (or your loved ones) overcome mental blocks that’s holding you back from your ideal body, let’s look at our all-star lineup of keto expert speakers. 

Keto Symposium 2021 Featuring… 

We have a LOT of amazing guest speakers with a wide variety in knowledge across all spheres of keto knowledge — including cooking tasty meals, fasting and intermittent fasting, mixing keto with vegan, how keto affects your emotions, and so much more. 

The list of guest speakers below is in no particular order. As previously mentioned, we will announce the full agenda for the conference soon. (Register for Keto Symposium 2021 here and you’ll be the first to hear about any special announcements.

Maria Emmerich — wellness expert and best-selling keto cookbook author 

Maria Emmerich struggled with food and her weight for most of her childhood, adolescence years, and into her young adult years. After feeling fatigued and depressed when she was 16, she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her doctor prescribed acid blockers and antidepressants, but this wasn’t the answer Maria was looking for. 

Coincidentally, the same week she visited her doctor, her dog was also losing patches of hair and she didn’t know why. When she took her to the vet, the vet asked her “what are you feeding her?” 

A lightbulb went off in her head — and a best-selling keto cookbook author was born. 

After this trip to the vet, she looked closer at what she was eating herself. And decided to give keto a shot. She had tremendous success and decided to go to school for nutrition. 

She’s lost over 80 pounds since finding keto. She reversed her PCOS and IBS she struggled with since she was a teenager. And she published over 20 books to date and has more on the way. 

Her books have gotten a lot of “headline attention.” 

For example, Halle Berry (yes, THE Halle Berry) says Maria is her favorite author. Maria’s latest book, Sugar Free Kids, coming out on August 31st, 2021 even includes a foreword by Halle Berry. 

Halle and her have developed a unique friendship since and have cooked together over Instagram and YouTube. Like this one: 


Other readers of her books include Valerie Bertinelli and Al Roker — who has made her recipes on Good Morning America!

My favorite stories are from people who struggled with weight and health problems themselves before discovering keto — and Maria is the perfect example! 

I’m beyond delighted that she’s a part of Keto Symposium and I know you’ll LOVE her too. 


Keto Symposium 2021 is completely free to attend. But we are also offering VIP and VIP Elite tickets — both of which include an exclusive cooking demo with Maria as she shares one of her all-time favorite recipes. (It’s not everyday you get a cooking demo with someone who cooked with Halle Berry!) 

The main difference between a VIP ticket and VIP Elite ticket is that the VIP Elite ticket also donates 50% of your ticket towards Dominic D’Agostino’s cancer research facility and you get a free swag bag of keto goodies from all of our vendors. 

You can browse VIP and VIP Elite tickets and check out the differences between them here.

Ben Azadi — author of 3 best-selling books and host of the top-rated Keto Kamp Podcast

Ben Azadi is on a mission to help 1 billion people worldwide improve their health and he couldn’t be a nicer guy. He’s another example of how delaying Keto Symposium was a blessing-in-disguise because Ben wasn’t originally on our original lineup! 

Ben’s “keto origin story” is similar to Maria’s. He’s a formerly obese man who lost 80 pounds of fat through keto and intermittent fasting. Now, he’s one of the leading experts on keto and intermittent fasting. 

Plus, his Keto Kamp podcast is incredible. (I was even featured on it, which you can listen to here.) 

I’m super pumped Ben is speaking at Keto Symposium and I know you will be too! 

Dr. Will Cole — author of Ketotarian and top expert on living a plant-based keto lifestyle

Dr. Will Cole was named one of the top 50 functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation and is a health expert and course instructor for the world’s largest wellness brands such as mindbodygreen and goop.

And he did the impossible by mixing plant-based lifestyles with keto ones. Which is so important because both of these dieting styles have different benefits. 

I can’t wait for him to share how to get all the benefits of keto without eating meat and dairy with every meal. Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, there’s a bunch to learn from Dr. Cole. I don’t know of any other expert who merges two styles that seem to conflict with each other like vegan and keto do! 

Dominic D’Agostino — celebrated research scientist and guest on Joe Rogan’s and Tim Ferriss’s podcasts

Dominic D’Agostino combines his neuroscience studies with his nutritional background and discovers some interesting conclusions. 

For example, he led a team of scientists to find that ketosis helped Navy SEAL divers from having seizures as they traveled deep underwater. 

He was the only non-NASA member that worked on the NEEMO 22 crew – which spent 10 days deep underwater because it mimics the harsh conditions involved with space travel. (He stayed in ketosis the entire time.)

He’s also helped the world better understand how a ketogenic diet aids with certain diseases like cancer, epilepsy, Type II diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. And he started Ketone Technologies, which helps fund research projects for examining how keto helps with life-threatening diseases like cancer. (Psst, did you know that if you purchase a VIP Elite ticket to Keto Symposium, half of your ticket price supports Dom’s cancer research?) 

And, he’s made his rounds on all the popular podcasts like Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, and he’s hosted a TedTalk!

Despite all his accomplishments, perhaps his most interesting discovery is finding the role ketones play in relation to fear and anxiety. 

In 2017, he published a scientific study for Frontiers. He gave rats exogenous ketones and then placed them in an elevated plus maze – which is basically a higher risk maze where the rats are on a catwalk and can fall off. 

Typically, plus mazes produce a fear-response in rats and they turn around and run back to safety in their cave. But after giving the rats exogenous ketones, they found that it reduced anxiety behavior about 25-30%. 

He’s an all around interesting guy and I know you’ll learn a ton from his talk! 

Dr. Mindy Pelz — best-selling author, popular YouTuber, host of The Reset Factor podcast, and pioneer of the fasting movement  

Fasting and keto go hand-in-hand. And Dr. Mindy Pelz is the pioneer of the fasting movement. Intermittent fasting is starting to blow up, but there are several other more intense kinds of fasting (such as juice fasts, one-meal-a-day fasts, and even raw veggie fasts — among several others). 

And she’s one of the latest additions to the Keto Symposium 2021 lineup. 

Dr. Pelz specifically focused on the importance of diet variation, detoxing, and hormones Such as why women need to fast differently than men and even change up their diet the week before their period if their practicing keto — as she explains in the video below: 

She’s also founded Family Life Wellness, which is a local clinic that is made to speed up healing and maximize performance. And more recently, she’s founded Reset Academy — a private group where she and her team help people implement the principles of fasting, keto, and diet variation into their daily lives.  

I’m super excited to have Dr. Mindy Pelz join us because we still don’t know all the benefits of fasting — and she’s the leading expert and pioneer on all things fasting! 

Dr. Tro Kalayjian, MD — a board certified physician practicing internal and obesity medicine and host of LowCarbMD podcast

Dr. Tro Kalayjian is one of the only certified physicians who lives a ketogenic lifestyle. The truth is, most doctors don’t get sufficient training in nutrition — so they struggle with helping you lose weight or reverse diabetes. 

But Dr. Tro specializes in helping clients with diabetes, hypertension and lipid management. 

After going through his own weight loss journey (losing 150 pounds total!), he decided to help his patients in the same way. 

Since he battled childhood obesity and the deep emotions and feelings involved with being overweight for most of his life, he can offer his patients (and the attendees at Keto Symposium!) a deeper sense of empathy to connect and inspire you to get your body back on track. 

He’s one of the only Medical Weight Loss doctors I know! 

He also hosts a podcast with a few other doctors and keto experts called the LowCarbMD, runs a 24-week medical weight loss program, a 16-week health coaching program, and offers a lot of wisdom through his blog

Dr. Tro is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to keto, fasting, and your overall health (he is a doctor after all!) 

Chris Irvin — keto-specific nutrition researcher, education manager at Perfect Keto, and co-author of Keto Answers

While Chris was in graduate school, he studied the performance benefits and therapeutic applications of the ketogenic diet. And what makes Chris so great is how he simplifies keto so it’s easier for people without a nutritional background to understand the benefits and implement it into their life. 

Keto Answers, the book he co-authored, has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after 884 reviews because it’s so easy to understand. (Which is a testament to his expertise!) 

He also helps educate, inspire, and coach people through keto on his personal site, The Ketologist

>> If you’re ready to grab your ticket for Keto Symposium 2021, you can purchase them here <<

Keto-Friendly Vendors For Keto Symposium 

We also have a stacked lineup of keto-friendly vendors who are helping us put on Keto Symposium 2021. Please support these vendors as much as you can! They originally planned to give out free samples of their products, but that’s no longer possible since we pivoted the summit to virtual only. They still have amazing keto-friendly products that you’ll not only love but help make keto easier, so support them as much as possible! 

Also, if you purchase a VIP Elite ticket, you’ll receive a swag bag full of keto-friendly products from our vendors. The VIP Elite ticket is only $97 and the swag bag full of keto goodies more than makes up for the cost of your ticket. Not to mention, half of your ticket price supports cancer research directly when you purchase a VIP Elite ticket. 

>> You can purchase a VIP Elite ticket for $97 here <<

Alright, let’s get into the vendors who are helping us put on Keto Symposium 2021 (and giving away swag bags of their goodies for everyone who purchases a VIP Elite ticket. 

1. Guy Gone Keto 

Thom King founded Guy Gone Keto when he realized his ketchup contained more sugar than his ice cream!

Thom struggled with his weight for most of his life — until he found the ketogenic diet. But as a self-labeled “foodie,” he noticed one glaring problem with the world of keto… 

…there wasn’t a good substitute for condiments! 

 Most of the condiments he loved (like sriracha, BBQ sauce, mayo, and ketchup) are loaded with enough sugar to kick you out of ketosis — especially when you add a lot of condiments to your food. 

So he set out to create a keto-friendly condiments company. And, boy, are they delicious! Guy Gone Keto creates keto-friendly ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, teriyaki sauce, and more! 

>> Check out the full list of keto-friendly condiments from Guy Gone Keto here << 

2. The Keto Nutritionist 

Aka me! The Keto Nutritionist is my newest website, which hosts the Keto Lovers Inner Circle, my weekly keto recipes subscription (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert recipes for the entire week — and you can get your first week of recipes for free here!), and even a keto merch store

Alright, enough about me… let’s continue with our other sponsors. 

3. Dry Farms Wine 

Dry Farms Wine solves potentially one of the hardest parts about keto — alcohol! 

Now, it’s important to mention that you’ll see the best results from keto by avoiding alcohol completely. But I know that’s difficult -- or even downright impossible -- for some people because of your family traditions and overall lifestyle. Especially over the course of your life — and keto works best when it’s a lifestyle, not a diet. 

Most alcohols are loaded with extra carbs and added sugars which makes them incompatible with keto (and generally unhealthy). 

Well, not Dry Farms Wine. Their founder, Tom White, realized that 3 companies in America create 52% of the wines — and pump them with more sugar, alcohol, and high doses of sulfites. 

When Tom traveled to Europe, he found that European wines were more pure and tasty — and he didn’t get as hungover because they weren’t pumped with sugar, alcohol, and other toxic chemicals. 

So he created Dry Farms Wine. Their wines are sugar-free, lower in alcohol, free of mold, toxins, and chemicals, and low in sulfites. (And they're much tastier than anything you could buy from the store!)

>> Check out their keto-friendly wine here << 

4. Mike’s Organic 

Mike’s Organic is my secret weapon for healthy, nutrient-dense meals when I don’t feel like cooking! 

You’ve probably wondered if organic food is actually better than non-organic food or if it’s worth the price. Well, organic food tastes better, has more nutrients, less pesticides, it’s more ethical and healthier for the environment, it’s GMO-free, and it usually supports local farmers and businesses. 

Mike’s Organic is an organic food and meal delivery service. And Mike himself is an expert in everything organic. He’ll be able to answer any of your organic-food-related questions. (He works with a handful of local farmers so he knows way more about this stuff than I do.) 

And if you’re local to Stamford, CT — I’d love for you to try Mike’s Organic! 

>> Check out Mike’s Organic and order it if you’re local here << 

5. Fat Snax 

I’ll be honest. I’m a sucker for chocolate. I’m a former sugar addict, and chocolate will always have a special place in my heart. 

This was one of my biggest challenges when transitioning to keto — and it’s been the biggest struggle for several of my private clients too. 

Well, Fat Snax solves that problem! And they also help solve your cravings if you’re more of a salty food person too 🙂 

Fat Snax makes delicious keto-friendly crackers and cookies so you can have your (keto) cookies and eat them too! 

>> Check out Fat Snax’s keto-friendly crackers and cookies here << 

6. Medica Nutrition 

Medica Nutrition is honestly one of my all-time favorite companies. They make supplements and products specifically designed to help combat dangerous medical issues such as cancer or needing a feeding tube. 

As I mentioned earlier, cancer really hits home for me because of what I saw my mom go through. And their products are designed by healthcare professionals so you know you’re only getting high-quality and proven formulations. 

>> Check out Medica Nutrition’s supplements here << 

7. Ultima Replenisher 

One of the biggest problems that people face when they first start keto is something called the “keto flu.” This is where you have flu-like symptoms as your body adapts to running off of ketones instead of glucose. 

But most people don’t realize the keto flu is avoidable! 

What happens when you experience the keto flu is your body is deprived of important electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and potassium. 

Ultima Replenisher specializes in making keto-friendly drinks that are sugar-free and loaded in electrolytes to help you avoid the keto flu. 

And they have 9 delicious flavors you can try. 

>> Browse Ultima Replenisher’s sugar-free electrolyte drink mixes here << 

8. CORE Bars

CORE Bars makes these delicious, plant-based granola bars with real, organic ingredients. And they recently created a brand-new line of keto-friendly granola bars! 

They sent their two new keto-friendly flavors to Marla and me when they became a sponsor. 

We were both FLOORED by how good they were. Their new keto-friendly flavors are Chewy Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Fudgy Double Chocolate Brownie. 

The CORE Keto bars are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. And they only have 2g of sugar and 3g of net carbs per bar. Making them a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without making your own dessert or snacking on processed junk food. 

And, since they’re so excited to sponsor Keto Symposium, they wanted to offer you a special 15% discount when you try them. 

Use the coupon code THRIVE15 (all caps) and save 15% on your order. 

>> Check out CORE Keto Bars here << 

9. Bellissima Prosecco

Bellissima Prosecco has you covered if you want to celebrate any occasion with sugar-free, keto-friendly champagne and rosé. 

Again, you’ll get the best results on keto when you avoid alcohol. But I realize many people enjoy alcohol — especially when you’re celebrating. 

Bellissima Prosecco helps you enjoy these celebrations with less guilt with their sugar-free sparkling white wine and sugar-free sparkling rosé

Plus, all of their wines are made with organic grapes, are certified vegan, and created in the beautiful vineyards in Treviso — the city known as the original producer of Prosecco, located about 50 km north of Venice, Italy. 

And Christie Brinkley, the founder of Bellissima Prosecco, has received several awards for her work protecting our health and the environment. 

>> Check out Bellissima Prosecco here << 

If you’re interested in being an exhibitor yourself, contact us at

And remember: 

When you buy a VIP Elite ticket for just $97, you’ll receive a free swag bag full of keto-friendly goodies from our sponsors! 

Will you join us for Keto Symposium 2021 — The first keto-centric virtual summit in the NYC Tri-State Area? 


And there you have it — the full updated list of keto experts and vendors who are going to help make Keto Symposium the best virtual keto summit happening in 2021! 

If you’d like to join us for the fun on Saturday, September 25th from 8:30 am until 5 pm, we have three different levels of tickets. 

1. Free Ticket To Keto Symposium 2021

Since Keto Symposium 2021 is virtual-only, we’re giving away FREE tickets to anyone who wants to join us in the fun. 

Your free ticket includes a virtual “seat” at the summit — and you’ll be able to watch all the guest lectures and hear from each of our sponsors. (We’ll also be having fun and playing games so we can give out free swag, merch, and other keto-friendly products!)

Grab your free ticket to Keto Symposium 2021 here. 

2. VIP Ticket To Keto Symposium 2021 — $47

We also have VIP tickets available for Keto Symposium 2021. The VIP Ticket is only $47, includes everything the free ticket includes, as well as… 

1. ​A digital download of all the talks

Miss something important during the conference? Want to listen back to any of the lectures whenever you want? 

When you purchase a VIP Ticket, you’ll get a digital download of all the talks so you can listen back to them as much as you want. 

2. ​​Access to join an online cooking demo from Maria Emmerich as she shares one of her favorite recipes!

It’s not every day you can brag to your friends that you (virtually) cooked with someone who has cooked with Halle Berry! 

Plus, Maria is an expert cook and might just share your next all-time favorite keto recipes 🙂 

Grab your VIP Ticket to Keto Symposium 2021 here. 

3. VIP Elite Ticket to Keto Symposium 2021 — $97 

Finally, we have VIP Elite tickets available for Keto Symposium 2021. The VIP Elite ticket is only $97 and includes everything the VIP ticket includes, as well as… 

1. A free ticket to Keto Symposium 2022 — which will be an in-person event

We originally planned for Keto Symposium to be an in-person event. But 2020 had other plans. 

But Keto Symposium 2022 next year will be in-person. And you’ll get a FREE ticket (a $297 value) when you purchase a VIP Elite ticket this year — as our way of saying thanks. 

2. 50% of your ticket goes to Dominic D’Agostino’s cancer research 

You know cancer hits home for me. And I know many families across the country have been affected by cancer. 

Dominic D’Agostino and his cancer research team is one of the most trustworthy organizations in the battle against cancer. And we’re donating 50% of your ticket price to his organization on your behalf when you purchase a VIP Elite ticket. Not only does this support a great cause, but it actually makes the VIP Elite ticket cheaper than the VIP ticket when you account for this donation. 

3. A swag bag full of keto goodies 

When you buy a VIP Elite ticket, you’ll receive a free swag bag filled with keto-friendly goodies from our sponsors. This alone is worth well over $100. And I know you’ll love your surprise swag bag and keto-friendly products inside 🙂 

4.  A private Q&A after the event with all of our speakers 

Have a burning keto question that wasn’t answered during the summit? Want to ask Maria how her friend Halle Berry is doing? Or if you just want to connect with other VIP Elite attendees, we’ll have a private Q&A session after the conference with all of our speakers. 

This is the best way to get your specific keto questions answered in real-time by some of the top keto experts in the world! 

Grab your VIP Elite Ticket to Keto Symposium 2021 here. 

I’m so excited for Keto Symposium 2021 — and I know you’ll LOVE it too. Don’t forget to invite all your friends and family members. Remember, it won’t cost them a single penny to attend (unless they want a VIP or VIP Elite ticket). 

When you register for any kind of ticket, you’ll also receive important updates and announcements via email — including the full agenda when we announce it and any speakers or sponsors we add to the list before Keto Symposium. 

You can also like the Keto Symposium Facebook Page here and the Keto Symposium Instagram Page here to stay up-to-date with any updates and announcements. 

I can’t wait to see all of your virtual faces on Saturday, September 25th at 8:30 am ET. 

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