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Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Eating
Do you suffer from emotional eating? Kristina talks with Robert Sikes about how she was interested in nutrition from an early age and made the decision to get into the health and nutrition space so she could help others avoid the issues her family faced. Listen here or click to icon for Apple Podcasts or Spotify below.

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Keto Kamp with Ben Azadi

Kristina explains the  benefits of a low carb, ketogenic diet and chats with Ben Azadi, founder of Keto Kamp

Low Carb MD

Kristina discusses the value of understanding the specifics of one's genetics for optimizing nutrition, and how genetics can explain why certain diets work for certain people and not others.

Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

Kristina chats with Jimmy Moore about the upcoming Keto Symposium event. Listen to them get all nerdy on the science of ketogenic diets!

Keto Kamp Round 2

Kristina discusses the reality of the standard American diet with Keto Kamp podcast host, Ben Azadi.


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