"Since working with Kristina, I'm down 16 pounds, my inflammation is gone, my endometriosis symptoms have subsided and I just feel good mentally and emotionally, as well."
"Kristina Hess makes it seem like anything is obtainable."
"What I've achieved with Kristina is just some really good habits that I didn't have before...The simplest things really gave me the kickstart to organize my life."
"Since working with Kristina I really started to understand something about nutrition...I learned about the food pyramid, I learned about Keto.."
"I had insulin resistance so it was hard eating sugar and carbs and I gained a lot of weight very fast and I was kind of just ready for a change."
"I really started to take a look at putting myself as a priority."
"She actually finds what works for you." 
"She gives a much more comprehensive approach to how your diet should work."
"Kristina was able to tweak and fine tune it to my body and my blood work and I immediately got results..She's very encouraging but at the same time she holds you accountable."
"She's a phenomenal nutritionist. I trust her completely. She's extremely responsive and very thorough."
"I'm healthier and happier. I call Kristina my therapy..not just physical, but mental as well."
"She was very different from any other nutritionist I have seen. She really looked at me holistically. She wanted to know habits, thoughts a lot more than anyone else ever delved into."
"Kristina also keeps you mentally focused and positive and that's a big deal.."
"Since working with Kristina and being on keto I have lost 85 pounds. She is so knowledgable in all aspects.."
"Since working with Kristina, and actually almost immediately, my symptoms have diminished and have now almost disappeared. I can do a full day's work again."
"I've had a whole new outlook on my health and well-being and how to fit it all in and how to do it. It's like working with a friend - a very knowledgeable, very enthusiastic friend that your partnering with to do just do better and be better for your self."
"I've just been doing great, killing it at the gym. My energy level has just spiked up. I no longer feel bloated when I wake up in the morning. I'm just feeling awesome."